About Us

The founder’s mission for Aplseeds, Inc. is to plant seeds and grow life’s creative learning sparks inside homeschool children and all of us…

This program we’ve created called “Math, Music, Muffins & Chess” gives homeschoolers a fun, challenging and entertaining 2-hour class on Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays rotate these tactile electives daily. The process allows us to teach and engage students – providing their parents valuable breaks and support in the overall curriculum. We regularly provide their children with fresh live, interactive ZOOM-learning of basic math with related skills and values.

What makes this program unique is the interdisciplinary approach to teaching basic math through music, cooking & chess. The goal is to achieve confidence and comprehension for the 5-7 age group – where the vital abilities of patience and proficiency can truly begin to work hand-in-hand reinforcing math skills. 

So watch the videos on each blog and please do schedule the free review time to answer your questions at Contact Us.