Grandparents have so much to tell and share...Let us help you spread the word, planting seeds of wisdom for your great-grandchildren!

We’ve developed an affordable way to interview grandparents, add memorable pictures plus videos for exclusive family members to view & share into the future!

We understand the importance of telling family history to those here now and yet to be born - It's a joy to grow your story-tree legacy forward using social media!

Our service provides;

  1. A membership to create Legacy Life-story to give to generations.
  2. Easy tools to allow you to interview grandparents.
  3. Two(2) colorful books to record memories with help from family or friends!

“Grandparents have pearls of wisdom, funny stories, and joy! Ask them to share these memories!

Read top blog to learn about the service.

1. Enroll to get your colorful books and begin.

2. Share stories and record stories with family.

3. Enjoy the process. . .

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