Teaching math through creativity...We use music appreciation to enhance listening skill, muffin-making to broaden measurement & sequence training along with chess proficiency to master focus, confidence & strategy...each working hand-in-hand to reinforce present and future math confidence and proficiency.

It’s a fun, challenging and entertaining 60-minute class for Homeschoolers on Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays.

Listening to classical music like Beethoven, Bach, Brahms, and Mozart increases our student's ability to count with special timing, cadence, rhythm, and repetition. This music training helps us expand our understanding of math joyfully!

Math, Music, Muffins & Chess features;

  1. Students will first hear, learn to listen and then distinguish between common composer sounds.
  2. All of this will build students’ confidence and patience.
  3. Chess nurtures the side of the brain which builds concentration and confidence.

“Your child will learn to enjoy playing our FUN Math program with all of their senses in Music, Muffins, and finally when playing Chess. This process turns education into a puzzle to solve  – with patience, a sense of wonder, and great curiosity!” – says Professor Katz

Your child becomes a wizard in all new challenges…

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1. Study why Music Appreciation, Baking Muffins, and learning Chess can expand the way your child comprehends Mathematics…

2. Let us know if you have a 5-8-year-old…or know someone who can benefit. All homeschool moms will assist in our ZOOM and may later apply to teach their own classes.

3. Message us for a consultation OR register for one of our classes this Fall. . .

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