A unique interdisciplinary approach to teaching math through creativity...The goal is to achieve confidence and comprehension for the 5-7 age group - the abilities of patience and proficiency can work hand-in-hand reinforcing math skills.

This program gives homeschoolers a fun, challenging and entertaining 60-minute classes on Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays.

Music appreciation will illustrate the use of mathematics within music by active listening to classical compositions by Beethoven, Bach, Brahms and Mozart. Students will analyze the use of timing, cadence, counting, rhythm, repetition, sequencing and volume.

Math, Music, Muffins & Chess features;

  1. Students will first hear, learn to listen and then distinguish between common composer sounds.
  2. All of this will build students’ confidence and patience.
  3. Chess nurtures the side of the brain which builds concentration and confidence.

“Math, when played like a chess master is relaxing and fun. It becomes a puzzle to solve with patience and a sense of curiosity” – says Professor Katz

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