About Us


Ronni Rabin & Matthew Katz, co-founders

We are the co-founders of Aplseeds, Inc. created to plant seeds and grow the creative sparks in all of us…

This program we’ve created called “Math, Music, Muffins & Chess” gives homeschoolers a fun, challenging and entertaining 2-hour class on Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays rotate these tactile electives daily. The process allows us to teach and engage students – providing their parents valuable breaks and support in the overall curriculum. We regularly provide their children with fresh live, interactive ZOOM-learning of basic math with related skills and values.

What makes this program unique is the interdisciplinary approach to teaching basic math through music, cooking & chess. The goal is to achieve confidence and comprehension for the 5-7 age group – where the vital abilities of patience and proficiency can truly begin to work hand-in-hand reinforcing math skills. 

So watch the videos on each blog and please do schedule the free review time to answer your questions at Contact Us.