Posted on October 3, 2017

When It Comes to “Great” Grandparents, It’s So Important to Share Their Story NOW!


“I have learned that if we don’t tell our children our stories and the stories of those we come from, no one else will. The stories might disappear and our kids will be deprived. I have learned this truth from the meetings I have with the children in my synagogue who are going to be Bar or Bat Mitzvah. One of the questions I always ask them is: ‘What is your Hebrew name?’ Most know. Then I ask them: ‘Who are you named for?’ They have some vague idea that it was a great uncle so-and-so or for great aunt such–and-such. And then I ask them: ‘What was that person like? What qualities did that person have that were so important that your parents saw fit to name you for him or her?’ Hardly any of them know the answer to that question. And so their first homework assignment from me is to go home and interview their parents and anyone else they can find who knew that person so that they can find out who he or she was…stood for and lived through, and what it means to be named for them.” Paraphrased  from “What I have Learned Since I Began Collecting Ethical Wills” by Rabbi Jack Riemer and Dr. Nathaniel Stampfer

This is a compelling reason why introduced the “AplseedING” story-telling service.

Imagine what a precious gift it would have been if those people had left behind audio, video or a hand-written letter telling future descendants something meaningful about their lives? We have frequently seen recording devices, such as; reel-to-reel cassettes or 78 rpm records become obsolete…and since we don’t know if Facebook and other social media will exist in 50 years…we have developed a personalized writing system that is private and not reliant on electronics or technology — ensuring that it will be preserved for your descendants. You could even secure it by placing it into a safe deposit box. believes that WORDS…written on paper and scribed by you will be cherished for centuries.

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