Posted on October 3, 2017

Baking delicious Muffins with fun activities grows our kids’ patience + step-by-step MATH comprehension!

Why do we want to bake muffins with children? This activity takes place inside our highly creative right brain;  We also teach an appreciation of classical composers at the prodigy-level like Mozart, Beethoven, and Bach to increase your kids’ listening experience. While we have great fun and even upper-body exercise actually “conducting masterpieces” – the whole class will open-up their comprehension, patience, and JOY receptors! Meanwhile, in this video below, see how using their other senses to bake Muffins and taste them with their family – will also learn mathematical measurements, sequences, timing, and still have great fun baking. We also show young children how to set up the game of chess –  encouraging them to focus, build patience and strategize… They will surely build confidence that anything is possible!

Notice how many cognitive activities are exercised in this unique baking video: