Posted on November 6, 2017

Why learn math with the game of “chess?” We even add classical music and baking muffins!

Give it a try. Math, Music, Muffins & Chess! Our goal is to give your children the most fun and the best learning results. Each of these classes is creative and full of special interactive “ah-ha!” moments…

It’s really about building up their “patience and confidence” with chess as we listen to Beethoven, Bach, and Mozart – then measure and bake muffins…

It’s a well-known researched fact that “chess” has a strong corellation with success in math and provides a great focus and endurance skill-set. Watch this amazing TedX Talk video:

We are all going through so many changes in our world, pre-Covid-19 and now, more than ever. This is a safe and “socially distant way to become closer to your family and friends too!” – without leaving home – you can have your children learn math in an engaging mixture of music, baking-muffins, and learning how to play chess.