Posted on September 30, 2017

Music provides a FUN way to understand Math!

The pschological term of a “Mozart Effect,” according to our saxiphone mathematician musician below, is really the “Enjoyment Effect” that kids find in Music can also lead to Joy in Math.

With Math,  sometimes we’re afraid to ask others to guide us properly and learn deeply, or we don’t think we’re good enough to succeed. We can be our own worst critics. Kids will sometimes judge themselves and feel that they are not good at “learning math.” The truth is that they need to have FUN – trust their teachers and parents to give them every opportunity to succeed. This is why using FUN and creative activities like Music, Muffins & Chess is a slam dunk for building confidence and skills in Math!

In our curriculum of each class every day, these creative modalities are, stirred and mixed into the other like a cake batter. By working with young children with exciting Music, Muffins & Chess sequentially and repeatedly,  mathematics basics are also positively reinforced.

The children learning in these classes will never forget these creative connections. Music, Muffins & Chess is a way to open the door to new possibilities. Your children can always do more when we challenge their minds to cognitively grow…

So you’ve guessed it…I hope to become your homeschool “cheerleader.”

When we all watch these great ‘tutorial’ videos on learning math inside of musical chords and songs — we will see well reinforced early BASIC math can bring your children to extraordinarily high levels of knowledge!



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