Posted on September 30, 2017

Are you a ‘Wanna-be’ Grandparent? No married kids with children yet? Tell Your Story Anyway!



Are you waiting to have grandchildren to share your family stories?

Why wait?

Now you can share those funny stories about growing up, tales about your parent’s lives, family histories…

At we seek ways to ‘plant seeds’ which will grow and blossom for your children’s children. As we get older, it’s wonderful to share your knowledge, wisdom, and experience with the next generation. Due to mass communications, email, Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp families will continue to use technology to communicate as we move around the globe. This practical use of technology has great value. Yet, people are talking more and saying less. The art of real storytelling is being lost. We help reconnect families with our “Legacy” memoir. (As described in the link below.)

We understand who we are by knowing our past. When we tell our stories to family members it creates a sustainable and fulfilling future..for ourselves, our families and our world. In these times of digital communications, hand-written books and documents may be held, shared and preserved for generations. Here’s your opportunity to create a family history.

There’s no better time than the present. To schedule time with our team to begin collecting memories with your family¬†click here!




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